Downtown Huntsville restaurant warns customers about DoorDash deliveries

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Sam and Greg's Pizzeria said they've been getting customer order calls from a delivery service called DoorDash, a company that they don't have a contract with.

The pizzeria denied any partnership with DoorDash in a statement on Facebook.

Johnny Wolfsberger, general manager of Sam and Greg's, said he thinks DoorDash's approach is all wrong.

"I don`t know what they`re trying to do. If this is some power move. If they`re trying to force us into opening up a contract with them, but that`s not going to happen."

When you search for 'Sam and Greg's' online, DoorDash is listed as a delivery provider.

But Wolfsberger says they don't get any return from DoorDash whatsoever.

"We have no control over the quality. We have no control over the time expected like for a delivery date," said Wolfsberger. "They charge a delivery fee, we get none of that. They accept tips, we get none of that. None of the business that they make contributes to our revenue at all."

Local delivery service, Grub South, said there are several ways a customer can verify delivery service partnerships.

  • Look for delivery service stickers posted in restaurant windows or on doors
  • Look for delivery service flyers or pamphlets inside of a restaurant
  • Call the restaurant and verify the delivery service before placing an order.

We also got a call from the manager at Toy Box Bistro who said DoorDash also had their restaurant listed on its website and mobile app --- until the local business threatened to take legal action.

We reached out to DoorDash for a statement on its business practices in Huntsville and have yet to receive a response.

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