Hunter’s Full Moon Rises Wednesday Night

October’s full moon will rise Wednesday night, exactly one week before Halloween! The moon rises early this time of year, so you can start looking to the eastern sky for the moon after 6:30pm. It reaches its peak in the sky around midnight, then sets again around 6:30 Thursday morning.

Viewing the moon tonight will be better than tomorrow night, but you’ll have to look through some cloud cover. Thin clouds will stream in through Wednesday, followed by thicker clouds Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Since a full moon is brighter than the moon at other phases, it will at least be easier to spot through the clouds than it otherwise would be.

If you’re heading outside tonight, you’ll need at least a light jacket, but it won’t be as chilly as it was earlier this week! Expect temperatures in the 50s through the night, with light winds from the east.

October’s moon is named the Hunter’s Moon; according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac this is because it was considered the ending of the hunting season before winter falls. As is the case every month though, there are other names for October’s moon. Most of them also coincide with winter being on the way: Dying Grass Moon, Travel Moon, and Waking Moon.

No matter what you call it, we hope you enjoy viewing it! If you snap any photos of October’s full moon, you can share them with us using the ‘submit’ button below!

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