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Homeowner Education Programs to be Highlighted at Huntsville Housing Expo

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Mayor Tommy Battle held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to in efforts to encourage citizens of the Rocket City to attend next week's Housing Expo.

Battle said owning your home makes the community stronger and wealthier.

"When you own your own home you take greater pride and care in your neighborhood. It means building wealth, and there's no other practical substitute than home ownership."

The press conference was hosted at the home of LaJoy Johns. Johns completed one of the city's homeownership programs through the Family Services Center.

Johns said she felt involved from the beginning of her home-buying process to the end.

"Each day I would drive by on the way to work and I could see them building the house and the house coming together. I actually got to come in while they were building and do a little bit," said Johns. "The guys that were building, they'd let me lay a brick, so I felt like I had a pretty good experience."

Currently, the City of Huntsville offers three tailored homeownership programs:

The City of Huntsville's housing expo will be held November 3 in the Stone Event Center at Campus No. 805.


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