Dr. Dick’s attorney says office will stay open for two more weeks for medical record pick-up

DECATUR, Ala. - A Decatur doctor under fire in both criminal and civil courts will leave his office open for two more weeks so his patients can obtain their medical records to bring to their new doctors. Dr. Michael Dick is suspended until at least January.

Dr. Michael Dick's office will stay open for at least the next two weeks so patients have time to get their medical records, Dick's attorney said. The doctor is represented by Bill Hawkins of Buttram, Hawkins & Hopper, LLC.

Patients are able to pick up their records Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Hawkins said patients can still call the office phone, and Dr. Dick will try to make referrals as needed. Hawkins added Dick is responded to messages as quickly as possible.

The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners said they advise doctors in this situation, facing a practice closure, to hire a third-party gather the medical records and offer people a way to obtain them after the office's closure. This is only necessary if Dr. Dick decides to close the office before every patient has the opportunity to get their information.

One patient told WHNT News 19 he received his records but they were not complete. The medical board said they are interested in hearing from people who feel the information they received isn't complete. If a patient feels like they are in this position, you are asked to call the board's investigator, William Perkins, at (334)242-4116.

In an email from the medical board, they provided this reminder for patients:

"Dr. Dick is obligated to follow all Board rules regarding the care of his patients, including the rules regarding the transfer of medical records and helping ensure their continuity of care. Failure to fulfill these obligations could lead to new charges being filed for patient abandonment.
Even if Dr. Dick is closing his office, some provision should be made to allow patients to continue to acquire their medical records and/or have them transferred to a new physician.

Patients should contact their primary physician as soon as possible to alert him/her that they will need help continuing any treatment regimens being prescribed by Dr. Dick.

A primary care physician should be able to continue most regimens, including controlled substance regimens, until an appropriate referral can be made. Patients who believe they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms should seek care from an emergency room.
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