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Some former patients of Dr. Dick say they don’t believe their doctor hurt anyone, despite harassment convictions

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DECATUR, Ala. - Dr. Michael Dick's Decatur practice, Alabama Medicine & Rheumatology, is open for one more day. This is the doctor whose medical license is temporarily suspended. 

A judge found him guilty of harassment of a former female patient. Dr. Dick pleaded guilty to two other harassment charges. However, he chose to enter that plea so he could have a jury trial in Morgan County.

For the past several months, we've been reporting on the case of Dr. Dick. Besides the criminal harassment charges, more than a dozen female patients are suing him, claiming sexual misconduct by Dr. Dick.

He denies all allegations of acting inappropriate in his practice. Several patients told WHNT News 19 on Tuesday the office's closure is creating heartache.

Kim Barnett and Elizabeth Holland told us they are patients of Dr Dick.

"It's breaking my heart that they've done this to him because people like me really need him," Barnett said.

"Honey, I just know that man ain't guilty of what they're accusing him of," Holland said.

Their doctor cannot practice nor write prescriptions for now; his license is temporarily suspended by the state medical board. A Decatur judge found him guilty of harassing a female patient and he pleaded guilty to two other harassment charges.

"He's done this so he can have a jury trial because he was already convicted before he went in," Barnett said.

Barnett has relied on Dr. Dick for pain management for around four years now.

"I have a son and I have to take care of him,. and at the point I was before I came to see him, I couldn't even do that," Barnett explained. "Now, I'm up and I'm living a life, a life that he has provided for me to live."

Barnett's friend Mitzi Nichols makes sure she gets to her appointments from Florence and waits with her.

"He is so compassionate, and she is hurting so bad by this time, he gives her her injections, which are very painful," Nichols said. "I hold her hand and she squeezes my hand so hard that I want to cry with her."

Nichols credits Dr. Dick with her friend's positive change.

"This is the first time in years that she's been able to get up and live a normal life," Nichols said.

Holland comes to Dr. Dick's Decatur office from Grant.

"He has to touch you in certain areas to put shots in you," Holland explained. "He has to touch you in a certain way to get you angled to where he can get shots in between your bones at times."

Dr. Dick's treated Holland for five years. In court in September, Dick acknowledged he touches his patients' faces and bodies. Holland believes the intent is not sexual.

"He does it to calm you down when he knows you're fixing to go through some painful shots," Holland said.

The women say they can't believe the accusations against their doctor.

"I think that what they're doing is crucifying a doctor," Barnett said.

Dr. Dick denies all allegations of sexual misconduct.

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