Space Apps challenge launches in the Rocket City

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- NASA's International Space Apps Challenge took off Friday in the Rocket City.

The event attracts brilliant minds from more than 200 cities and 80 different countries. It's the world's largest hackathon. According to the event's website, it attracted around 25,000 participants from six different countries last year.

The competition is centered around software development where coders, scientists, designers, technologists, and many more come together to address challenges the world and space face.

Many of the organizers believe the competition also changes the careers and personal lives of the many competitors.

"I love watching team members communicate with each other about their ideas. There's that moment when someone actually latches on to an idea you're trying to communicate and understands where you're going with it, that is truly wonderful," Earth Science Policy Analyst Sarah Hemmings said.

Huntsville was chosen as this year's "mission control" due to its reputation as a center of innovation and technology.

The hackathon is all weekend and registration is still open. If you're interested in joining, click here.

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