Four local veterans take a trip of honor, to honor their service

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- Four local veterans left for a trip of a lifetime Friday morning. Forever Young Senior Veterans of Alabama flew the veterans to Washington D.C. to be honored for their service.

"I did two tours in Vietnam. It was so nice they let me do it twice," said Tom McKinney, a Vietnam Marine Veteran.

He said some of his memories from that time are hard to think about.

"When I'm around other veterans it seems to just bring out all of that again," McKinney said.

But now, he's happy to remember. McKinney along with another Vietnam veteran and two vets from World War II are heading to Washington for a trip of honor.

"There's a special bond between all veterans. And when we get together, I'm not sure if Washington can take it or not, but we'll give it a shot," he said.

He said when he visits the Vietnam Memorial he will bring a list of his fellow marines to find.

"When you look at that wall, where you look at that black granite, and every few inches there's a name. That's a person, that's a brother or sister in arms," McKinney said.

They said this is a trip of a lifetime but is even more special alongside one another.

"I look up to these men and women that have served and taken care of our country, and our people in our country," said Barry Sammet, a Vietnam Air Force Veteran.

Forever young Senior Veterans has honored more than 2,200 senior veterans. By granting their wishes, returning to where they fought and bringing them honor, healing, and hope.

"I've never gotten to go to Washington D.C. I'm proud to be going with men that served this country and served it proudly. And I have all the respect in the world for them," Sammet said.

Forever Young Senior Veterans was founded 11 years ago in Tennessee. They have served over 40 veterans local to the Huntsville area.

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