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E-Waste recycling event planned in Florence for Friday

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FLORENCE, Ala. – It’s time to get rid of those old electronics laying around or shoved in a closet.  An event planned in Florence on Friday is giving residents a chance to recycle e-waste.

At the Florence Recycling Center, you never know what you might see. Along side the bottles and paper there are stacks of computers and printers.

“It’s something we have offered for several years,” explained Florence Recycling Director David Koonce.

E-waste continues to grow as technology evolves. Workers dive into the collection bins each day. They set aside items recycling companies are willing to take, but that list grows smaller by the day.

“Quite a bit does get disposed of now-a days, more so then there used to be as the markets have changed,” stated Koonce. “It’s harder to recycle the electronics as it once was, and there’s a charge for a lot of it.”

Money the city doesn’t have to pay out. Which is why they partnering with Southwire in Florence’s industrial park. On Friday, they plan to accept almost all electronics the city is unable to.

“The Southwire event will be a great deal for us. They are going to take a lot of the things that maybe we don’t take,” said Koonce. “They are going to have a recycling truck there, we’ll load it. They’ll haul it away and recycle it, and any cost they will pay.”

So, if you’ve got old computers, phones, keyboards, or an ancient VCR which is collecting dust – this is your chance to keep it from ending up in a landfill.

The e-waste recycling event will be on Friday from 10am to 2pm at Southwire on Helton Drive.

Items they will accept include: personal computers, laptops, modems, disk drives, printers, CD-ROMs, fax machines, phones, scanners, keyboards, mouse/mice, stereos, VCR/CD/DVD players, TV’s, and monitors.

Items which will not be accepted are console televisions, tires, or garbage.

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