ALDOT inspects parkway overpasses for wear and tear

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A little nighttime roadwork is happening on Memorial Parkway. ALDOT workers are out looking at three overpasses for any cracks, rust or sign of deterioration.

This isn't cause for alarm, ALDOT says they try to inspect the bridges about every two years.

Not long after the evening commute begins to die down, road workers flip on the lights for a closer look at the parkway.

"They're going to get underneath them and have an inspector go up in a bucket truck," ALDOT public information officer Seth Burkett said.

On this particular evening, ALDOT is examining three overpasses along the parkway checking out the wear and tear for "things like cracks or loose bolts and any excess movements," Burkett said.

Burkett says the three overpasses are nearing 50 years of daily use. As Huntsville has grown, the daily commute has increased. "You're looking at 100 to 120,000 vehicles a day."

Still, he says ALDOT tries to inspect the state's 5,600 state-owned bridges about every two years.

"It's not unusual to see a bridge last 80 or 90 years," Burkett said. ALDOT certainly hopes so. Just three months after finishing the south parkway construction job, Burkett says there are no plans to overhaul the existing bridges.

Inspectors have already looked over the concrete bridge decks and say those are in good shape.


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