Lawrence commissioner denies rumors of euthanizations at animal shelter

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. - The Lawrence County Animal Shelter isn't 100 percent complete, but due to need, it is full of dogs that have been there the state-required seven days.

"We've got to establish relationships with the rescues and individuals in this county that want to adopt, foster, help any way they can," said Lawrence County Commissioner Bobby Burch.

Rescues like Madison County-based A New Leash on Life, whose members are concerned about the dogs in the shelter.

"We kind of got word yesterday morning that this morning they were going to euthanize all the dogs except the cruelty cases," Michelle Underwood said Tuesday morning. Underwood is A New Leash on Life's foster home coordinator.

They immediately sent volunteers Monday to pull dogs after hearing they might be euthanized. Underwood says they weren't let in, but they were back Tuesday morning.

Burch said the word on social media that a plan to euthanize all the animals there wasn't true.

"We are not euthanizing dogs," Burch said. "We are giving every stray a chance."

Lawrence County built its first animal shelter earlier this year. The county used to contract out the work until the previous animal control director was charged with animal cruelty.

The commission started storing dogs in the shelter when construction was finished in July, and Burch said so far, they haven't put a single dog down. He said they don't even have the means in the shelter to euthanize dogs.

"The dogs that are here now that have been here over seven days, we're going to reach out to people and organizations in an effort to get these dogs adopted, fostered or rescued," he said.


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