Small Huntsville company solves problems

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- We first visited Huntsville's Cintel Incorporated in 2017.  The 5-year-old company started life with the name Collaborate Intel, but as we found out in 2017, that name was a problem. "The word intel is apparently owned by Intel, and so we received a nice letter in the mail and we had the opportunity to change our company name," said a laughing Cintel CEO, Dale Jobes.

Our first interview with Dale in 2017.  We paid the company a second visit after Cintel became part of a multi-million dollar deal to support energy efficiency and reliability for the U.S. Marines. "It's really exciting. It really grows us into multiple areas, multiple services that we're supporting now as a small business," said Dale.

Cintel is a small business that made the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing small businesses. It's a small business that now has 28-employees in multiple offices around the U.S. As to what Cintel does, Dale Jobes put it simply. "We problem solve."

Cintel does the problem-solving in a lot of ways. Most of them involved using computer data, a lot of computer data. Dale Jobes says the company tries to look at the data in different ways that other companies, with the goal of providing the customer with a solution. "For example, on missiles. So instead of guidance technologies, we actually look at how you can use artificial intelligence in similar ways, so those missiles are actually smarter. They can make changes along the way on their own," said Dale.

Artificial intelligence, computer simulation and modeling,  conversation and writing things on a big board. Those are all ways Cintel looks for solutions for their customers.  The customer list at this point includes the Marines, the Air Force, the Missile Defense Agency and Army aviation and missiles.

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