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Prayers were answered – Injured football player to return to school soon

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. - It could happen at any moment, a football player gets hit the wrong way and suffers a serious injury. This past Friday night that exact scenario played out at Phil Campbell High School during a game against Lauderdale County.

In those anxious moments afterward, prayers were answered.

After a game delay, the Tigers scored to beat the Bobcats in a 52 to 46 in a region game. But a minute and a half earlier on the game clock, the entire stadium was silent.

Lauderdale County had a player lying on the field.

“We thought everything was all right. He kind of grabbed his shoulder, he has had a shoulder injury," recalled LCHS Assistant Principal Casey Tate. "So, we thought that was the initial injury but then when he didn’t get up we knew it was a little more serious than that.”

Tate was in the stands watching as medical staff rushed to senior Carson Harbin.

As Harbin went in to make a tackle, he suffered a spinal cord injury and went numb.

“Everyone was just really praying and rallying together at that moment to support Carson and pray for him,” said Tate.

Harbin was airlifted to Huntsville Hospital. Medical examinations determined it was a “stinger” which bruised the spinal cord.

He has since got feeling back and is recovering at home.

“We all know Carson around here. He is a fighter, he’s a go-getter," said Tate. "It takes a lot to get him down, and so I know the minute he can be back and back to normal that’s his desire.”

Unfortunately, Carson’s high school football career is probably over. The good thing is, he will be able to walk back into Lauderdale County High School in a few days.

One thing which touched all of the Lauderdale County faithful in attendance on Friday night, the public address announcer for Phil Campbell came over the intercom and led the stadium in a prayer for Carson.