Friday morning brings the coolest temps in 163 days!

It finally feels like Fall! Some of the usual ‘cold spots’ may be as low as 41ºF to 44ºF by sunrise Friday, but that chill wears off quickly as temperatures warm up around 67ºF to 72ºF Friday afternoon under a mostly sunny sky. The cool, dry weather won’t last through the entire weekend, though. Expect some showers to return as early as Sunday.

This is ‘normal’ for October: The ‘normal’ (average over 30 years from 1981-2010) high temperature this week is around 76ºF; the ‘normal’ low is around 53ºF. That single number is really the middle of what we’d consider to be a normal range of temperature for any given day; that range is about 8ºF above and below it.

So, as long as we’re somewhere between 68ºF and 84ºF by day and around 44ºF to 60ºF overnight, we’re in a typical temperature range for the date. The next seven days see some ups and downs; that’s pretty standard for this time of year, but we don’t see anything that gets excessively hot (no more 90s) nor excessively cold (frosts or freezes not likely) through October 21st.

Football Friday and the weekend: It’s been hot almost every Friday night of the high school season so far, but this Friday night finally features a little nip in the air. Temperatures drop from the low-60s at kick off into the mid-50s by the fourth quarter. A few usual cold pockets may drop into the upper 40s before games end Friday evening!

Saturday looks fantastic: a chilly morning and a pleasantly warm, dry afternoon with a high in the mid-70s and a light northeast breeze.

That breeze kicks around to the southeast Saturday night, and humidity increases by Sunday morning. That will keep the temperature up some overnight and set us up for a chance of some rain showers Sunday afternoon through Monday (especially in Tennessee and northwestern Alabama).

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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