Huntsville City Council District 2 runoff is Tuesday

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- While statewide and Congressional elections are set for Nov. 6, there’s another election looming for a number of Huntsville voters next week.

The Huntsville City Council District 2 runoff will be held Tuesday, between Frances Akridge and Mary Jane Caylor, who are vying to fill the seat being vacated by Mark Russell.

Election night on Aug. 28 was good for Akridge, but not quite good enough. She nearly got the 50.1 percent of the vote needed to avoid a runoff in what was a three-candidate race.

The field included former state school board member Mary Jane Caylor and Huntsville City Schools spokesman Keith Ward.

The runoff between Akridge and Caylor will involve voters from a large and diverse district.

Akridge described the district at WHNT News 19’s request.

“It is a large territory, of many different socioeconomic groups, it starts at A&M University, goes down Lee and Chapman over Monte Sano, over the mountain into Big Cove and Little Cove, back over the mountain into Jones Valley, Blossomwood, Jones Valley and Twickenham, including Five Points.

Since the Aug. 28 election, Caylor has picked up the endorsement of Ward, the third-place finisher.

There’s no way to tell how many votes will be cast Tuesday, but if Akridge gets the same total of 2,419 votes from the Aug. 28 election -- and every voter who cast ballots for Caylor and Ward, votes Tuesday for Caylor -- Caylor would have a 14-vote margin.

Caylor talked Friday about the importance of casting a vote.

“People often say, ‘My vote doesn’t matter,’ but there’s a lot of history about one vote making the difference over the last several hundred years in elections, so their vote does count,” Caylor said.

Both candidates say they’ve been working hard to reach voters.

Coming up Monday, WHNT will report on our discussion with both candidates about the race.

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