Enjoying a Caturday away? This cats-only inn will keep your feline family member completely catsified

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The city of Huntsville is growing, and with that growth comes new hotels and accommodations for more people.

But Catisified Inn is making high-class accommodations for a different kind of guest-- in a space that guarantees complete catisfaction.

Catisfied Inn is the first of it’s kind in all of Alabama. It offers luxury boarding with one very important rule: no dogs allowed.

Dr. Stephanie Gandy conceptualized Catisfied Inn when she realized there were lots of luxury boarding options in town for dogs, but the same wasn't offered for cats.

“Their ‘purrents' as we call them need to travel, whether it’s for work, or vacation with their families," she said.

And as all purrents know…cats have high standards.

“You own a dog, a cat owns you," said Dr. Lauren Belser, an associate veterinarian with Catisfaction Cat Clinic. "Cats tend to like a routine, they tend to like things to be the same. So when you switch up their routine, it can really aggravate them. Not only emotionally but health-wise as well.”

Owners can choose between two room options at the inn-- a multi-story townhouse, or a deluxe suite. And before a kitty starts their stay their room is carefully prepared.

"We try to make it as hotel-like as possible," Gandy said.

These cats may be away from their owner’s lap, but they’re certainly in the lap of luxury.

“We have sheets on the bed, we have comforters with duvet covers, we have cat scratches, they each get their own little catnip treat when they come in," Gandy said.

And depending on the cat’s independent needs, their food is kept in micro-chip activated feeders, they enjoy luxury water fountains, and high shelves to keep them cathletic!

"That was something really important to me, trying to make it a home away from home so they don’t feel like they’re in such a clinical setting for extended periods of time," Gandy said.

And perhaps the best part for owners is that you can check on your cat anytime by tuning into a live webcam. The inn also offers text updates, pictures, and daily report cards.

At this hotel you can enjoy your Caturday away knowing your kitty is completely catisfied!

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