Automotive product manufacturer announces second plant for Scottsboro

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -- NCI Manufacturing Inc., a major automotive product manufacturer, announced plans to open a new plant in Scottsboro. The company celebrated its second plant coming to city Friday.

"NCI has been in Scottsboro for 22 years, and they're reinvesting in Scottsboro and Jackson County as a whole opening a plant 2 and it's just a significant event when an existing industry chooses to expand where they are," said Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton.

NCI's first plant is used for making engine gaskets, exhaust systems and shims for brake pads; the second plant will be used for the production of heat shields for exhaust systems.

The new plant is also more advanced and Charles MacDonald with NCI told WHNT News 19 that they've increased their manufacturing capability by incorporating robotics into their operations.

"We can have basically two operators operating six presses, whereas in plant 1 it's one operator one press," MacDonald said.

Of course, a new production plant means more jobs.

"Well that's just more jobs," Shelton said. "It's all about diversifying our economy and different types of jobs. As we went through the plant, there's a lot of robotics in there and that's the future."

MacDonald says by the time the new plant reaches full volume in 2022 there will be 20 jobs available and they have plenty of room to expand and add more lines in the plant; every additional line adds about 20 jobs.

MacDonald told WHNT News 19 that the workforce in the area and the great people that work at the first plant are the main reason they decided to expand more in the Scottsboro area.