Betsy DeVos visits Huntsville on “Rethink School” tour

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos stopped in Huntsville on Wednesday as part of her "Rethink School" tour and to tour the NASA Space and Rocket Center. She spent time getting an up-close look at kids in space camp.

It's not just a field trip for the secretary. She's meeting with city and school leaders as part of her "Rethink School" conversation. "We're here at a place that symbolizes unlimited horizons," DeVos said.

Devos says America may have won the space race, but it's losing in the classroom. She wants school leaders to examine possible changes to everything, from the nine-month calendar, hours in the day, and students separated by age. "Or a student who learns differently, but is forced into a box that snuffs out every bit of creativity or curiosity."

DeVos is championing school choice but admits in much of Alabama, there aren't many choices for parents. "Kids are a whole lot smarter than we give them credit for."

DeVos says recent tax reform makes it easier for parents to save tax-free money for their kids' education. Even if not every boy or girl will become an astronaut, she is urging more schools to invest in STEM programs.

DeVos also spent time at the Marshall Space Flight Center, along with stops in Louisiana and Mississippi.

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