Madison Crossroads hosts Fam Jam for parents

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Many parents struggle when it comes to helping their kids with their homework. So, teachers at Madison Cross Roads had some helpful advice for moms and dads.

It's never a good sign when you're asked to stay after school. But it was an energetic evening at Madison Cross Roads.

"Our children don't exactly do what they do behind our backs in front of our faces," parent Rebekah Lee McGinniss said.

Teachers invited parents out for Fam Jam, a workshop for moms and dads to learn how to help their kids at home.

"It isn't just happening at school from 7:30 to 2:30," Madison Cross Roads interventionist Sara McClendon said.

"Whether that be modeling of student skills in the classroom," Madison Cross Roads principal Linda Arredondo said.

Teachers were sharing some good advice for parents, including early to bed, reading time and math skills.

"They get to see our kids when we don't," McGinniss said. "So they get to see the direct response of our parenting."

"Just having conversations can develop vocabulary," McClendon said.

Madison Cross Roads was named a Bicentennial School, which included a $2,000 grant the school has used to create a parents room where moms and dads can find reading material and even apply for jobs.

"Any way we can bring the parents into the school building and meet a need here," Arredondo said.

This is the fourth year the school has hosted Fam Jam. Parents and Arredondo agree one of the biggest challenges is getting more moms and dads to show up.

Arredondo says they plan to have the parent engagement resource center finished by January.

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