FBI’s presence continues to grow on Redstone Arsenal

REDSTONE ARSENAL -- The Federal Bureaus of Investigation's presence is growing at Redstone Arsenal, as construction continues at their campus on the arsenal. Arsenal leaders say their presence goes to show how important the arsenal is to the world.

The FBI on the arsenal dates back to 1971 with the establishment of the hazardous devices school. Now, it continues to grow as construction expands on their 200-acre campus.

"We are really, really excited about the FBI, the Department of Justice's decision to bring elements of the FBI to Redstone Arsenal," said Lieutenant General Edward Daly, of the United States Army.

Multiple phases of the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center, have been completed. Where terrorist bombs and IEDs are brought and examined. Completed facilities include the forensic laboratory, in-take/detection laboratory, collaboration center, and repository, but construction continues to expand.

"You can see the construction each and every day. I can see it from one of the windows here on the sixth floor. Every day I look out you can see bulldozers and everything. So this is just a prelude of what's to come," said Daly.

The FBI expects about 1,500 jobs to be located on the arsenal, and they expect that number to grow.

"This is further indication why one, Redstone is important. Really making an impact, not only in the local community but worldwide," he said.

He says the FBI's growth shows Redstone Arsenal reach, with representatives from the Department of Defense, NASA, the Army and now the Department of Justice.

The FBI expects to complete several of their ongoing projects this year including a deployment building and six training villages.

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