Food served past its time stamp and live roaches on this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Madison County


300 Andrew Jackson Way NE, Huntsville, AL 35801

Score: 83


  • The interior of the ice machine was not clean.
  • Food items were being served that had exceeded time as public health control time stamp.

The manager said all violations were corrected.


Big Chow Grill and Buffet

2230 Sparkman Dr. NW #500, Huntsville, AL 35810

Score: 77


  • Hot water was turned off at 3 of 4 kitchen hand sinks.
    • Follow up: corrected.
  • The inside of the ice machine was not clean.
    • Issued Notice of Intent to Suspend their permit (NOIS).
    • Follow up: corrected; NOIS abated.
  • Food was at improper temperatures.
    • Sushi rice at 90ºF; no time stamp provided for time as public health control policy. Crab meat 53ºF, Beef 51ºF, Chicken 57ºF, Shrimp 52ºF, reach in cooler at 60ºF.
    • The health inspector issued a NOIS for sushi rice at 100ºF with no time stamp four days after the initial inspection.
    • Follow up: corrected; NOIS abated.
  • Presence of live roaches around prep sink.
    • Follow up: corrected.

At the time, the inspector issued two notices of intent to suspend their license. The manager said the cooler has been fixed and they addressed all the other offenses.

During the follow-up, all violations were corrected and the notices were resolved.


Clean Plate Winner:

Happy Tummy

2211 Seminole Drive RR#5, Huntsville, AL 35805

Score: 99

Is your tummy grumbling? Mine is.

What better place to fix that than at Happy Tummy in Lowe Mill in Huntsville. Owner Catherine Shearer is roasting up juicy pork and serving unique condiments like apple mustard and spicy strawberry cream cheese.

Have a belly laugh while munching on sandwiches with fun names like "Don't Cry For Me Argen-Tuna" and "Leave Me Provolone."

They also offer wraps, salads, hot dogs, "pocketdillas" and rice bowls.

And the food accommodations don't end there, Happy Tummy is also vegetarian-friendly.


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