Rental cars hard to come by in Huntsville after Hurricane Florence

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - People looking for a ride across town may have to call a friend or take the bus. Because right now, rental cars are in short supply. It appears many of the cars and trucks have left for Carolina.

Jack Kiehn is doing a bit more carpooling than he expected this week.

"It was the week my truck decided to have the heater core go out," Kiehn said. "So, timing is everything as they say."

The diagnosis for Kiehn's truck was a few days in the shop. So, Kiehn picked up the phone looking to rent a set of wheels. To his surprise, he's out of luck.

"They've taken the fleets. All the rental companies have sent their cars for service to the Carolinas in the aftermath of the hurricane," Kiehn said.

The storm may be over, but the flooding in North and South Carolina is very much still a problem. Kiehn says as resources are being sent east, ready transportation is in high demand.

"All of the personal vehicles that are out of use," Kiehn said. "Not to mention whatever rental agencies had sitting out on lots that were suffering from water damage."

On Tuesday evening, both Hertz and Avis locations in Huntsville were unable to book reservations online. Kiehn says it's inconvenient, but not catastrophic.

"It's going to mean getting up a little earlier in the morning and having to make sure we're on a little bit tighter schedule so everybody gets to where they've got to be," Kiehn said.

In the meantime, Kiehn says he's hoping for some fast work and an early phone call from the mechanic.

WHNT News 19 also spoke with a rep from Hertz in Huntsville who told us they're also seeing more demand from government workers in Alabama who are commuting to Birmingham and Montgomery.

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