Florence students immersed in “Challenge Day”

FLORENCE, Ala. – October is National Bullying Prevention Month. We hear so many cases of bullying in schools, work-places, and in life. To help students squash bullying, Florence City Schools is challenging them this week.

It’s not your typical field trip; it is “Challenge Day”. An immersive, emotional experience warmed up with some games.

“We like to say we create the spark for social and emotional skills and development,” explained Trish Bruno, a “Challenge Day” Facilitator.

Bruno travels the country with “Challenge Day”. They like to focus on the middle school age groups, teaching students to have compassion and awareness for their classmates. Each one of them have a story.

“So many times in education we talk about standardized tests; we talk about data. But each data point is a child, and so today we get to learn the story behind the child and their peers get to see their stories too,” stated Florence Middle School Assistant Principal Ashley Bowling.

Teachers and administrators are also challenged. They too must share their stories, which helps students understand who they are.

“Even if you don’t know the person’s story next to you; when you’ve had that experience with Challenge Day, just that awareness that’s created, I think it makes all the difference,” said Bruno.

At the end of the day, everyone has a story. And if we know it; it helps us better understand who they are and who we are.

This is the second year the Florence City Schools has brought “Challenge Day” to the school system. On Monday, Russellville City Schools participated in “Challenge Day” as well.

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