Tropical Development in the Atlantic Possible This Week

That Atlantic hurricane basin has been mostly quiet since Florence dissipated, but we’re still keeping an eye on potential activity.

Tropical Storm Kirk developed off the coast of Africa over the weekend, but has since weakened into a remnant low, meaning the storm is no longer organized or strong enough to be considered a tropical storm.

Meanwhile in the open Atlantic, Subtropical Storm Leslie has developed (Subtropical is simply a title to indicate that the storm is not fully tropical, which requires the storm to be well organized and have a fully warm core). Leslie is not expected to strengthen much in the next few days, while slowly moving out to sea in an east/northeast direction.

Yet another tropical wave has developed near the East Coast. It doesn’t look likely that this system is able to develop into a tropical storm, but it could still bring heavy rains to the coast of the Carolinas later this week. The system will approach the Carolinas over the next 48 hours, but is then expected to be nudged out to sea by the upper level wind flow. Tropical downpours will be the main threat with this system as the Carolinas are still recovering from flooding caused by Florence.

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