Tonight at 10: What’s in the Water?

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. --  Residents of Lawrence County are concerned about their drinking water. In fact, many believe the water is killing them.

“There's more sick people then there are healthy people," says Beth McCarley.

Two years ago the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority sounded the alarm after finding high levels of PFC chemicals in the water supply. The WMEL water authority installed a new filtration system. But residents still don't feel safe.

Ernest Nance is stuck in his bed. The former Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker has a number of ailments including kidney issues and skin lesions. Nance says doctors haven't figured out the cause of his health problems.

“They don’t know why my wounds won’t heal. They won’t heal. They don’t know why they won’t heal. And I think it’s because I’m here using the water to bathe. I’m drinking the water," Nance explains.

“I think over half the people is dying from some kind of cancer," says Annie Hughes.

Hughes has lived in Lawrence County her entire life. She was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. She believes the cancer is a result of years of drinking toxic water.

Tonight on WHNT News 19 at 10 we take a deeper look at their concerns with the water and state officials' response to the problem. Make sure to joins us for our Taking Action Investigation -- What's in the Water?

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