Oakwood University hoping to make a difference after student’s death

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The loss of a student on any campus is never easy, but Carvell Goodlow's death has shaken the small Oakwood University campus community; the campus has never lost a student to gun violence.

Family, friends and members of the Oakwood University community are all mourning the loss of 20-year-old Goodlow.

"Out of the ashes we rise," said Oakwood University spokesperson Kenn Dixon.

The young man's death is motivating the campus to ask "how can we make sure this kind of tragedy doesn't happen again?"

The University tweeted quote, "Let's not wait until the passing of another young person of color to make a difference. Become a mentor, reach out and change a life of someone today."

"Even though our student died, there is still a young man, 19-years-old, from the community who basically the rest of his life is ruined because of the mistake he did, so we want to intervene," Dixon said.

Oakwood started a mentorship program to reach inner-city students weeks ago, before Goodlow was killed, but Dixon told me it's clear, after this tragedy, that a program like this is needed.

"We want to make sure another life is not taken senselessly, not here in Huntsville, not here in the United States, so we want to start the process of impacting our little Huntsville first and even smaller going around our little neighborhood around Huntsville and reaching out to those high school students," Dixon said.

Dixon says Goodlow inspired many; he was the first in his family to come to college and paved the way for his younger siblings.

Now, Oakwood hopes a mentorship program will help inspire others to follow their dreams, like Goodlow did.

Oakwood's mentorship program will now be named after Carvell Goodlow. His funeral is scheduled for this coming Tuesday in his home of Detroit.

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