Huntsville parents mixed on clear backpacks

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - This week, a 2nd grader in Huntsville brought a gun to school and accidentally shot himself. Now, Huntsville's superintendent says she wants to take a closer look at school safety. And while clear bags are required at games, superintendent Christie Finley says she'll hold off on clear backpacks for now.

After Monday morning's scare at Blossomwood elementary, the conversation among Huntsville school leaders has been public safety.

"It was unfortunate, but I think the school handled it properly," Columbia high school teacher Jennifer Formby said.

A second grader shot himself while showing off a pistol to a friend. Superintendent Christie Finley says she wants more discussion about clear backpacks.

"I think it's going to be hard to implement, but I don't think it's a bad idea," Formby said.

"My promise is that I won't recommend any new security policies until you as a member of the community have a chance to be heard," Huntsville City Schools superintendent Christie Finley said.

A few games into the football season, parents are growing accustomed to remembering their clear bags at games.

"We've been to a game where we had to go back to the car to get a clear bag because we didn't have one yet," Huntsville High parent Mark Larsen said.

On the subject of clear bags in schools, many parents agree that a see-through bag is only as good as a set of eyes in the hallway.

"It's impossible to have enough SROs to see everything," Formby said. "But I think they do a pretty good job."

"One of the terms we use in the military is 'keep your head on a swivel.' Which means you're always looking around. And if you see something that doesn't look right, chances are it's not right," Larsen said.

Parents are teaching their kids to be vigilant, and praying another nightmare doesn't happen here.

The school district will host five school safety meetings for parents over the next few weeks. You can find more information on when those are happening here.

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