Washington couple reunited with dog, Jeep stolen from hospital parking lot

TACOMA, Wash. — A Washington state couple whose Jeep was stolen from a Tacoma hospital parking lot – with their dog in the backseat – have been reunited with their dog and vehicle.

Ivey, a 70-pound beagle-lab mix, was in the back seat of a Jeep Cherokee when the vehicle was stolen from a Tacoma hospital parking lot.

Ivey, a 70-pound beagle lab mix, was in the backseat of a Jeep Cherokee when the vehicle was stolen from a Tacoma hospital parking lot. (Courtesy: Samantha Worley)

Samantha Worley said their white, 1991 Jeep was recovered Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot, less than 24 hours after it was stolen from MultiCare Allenmore Hospital’s parking lot. But Ivey, the 70-pound beagle/lab mix that was in the backseat when it was taken, was nowhere to be found.

Worley suffered a severe panic attack at work Monday night and ended up in the emergency room after paramedics detected a slight sinus arrhythmia. Her husband, Richard, arrived at the hospital to check on her and left Ivey in the backseat. About an hour later, the Jeep — and Ivey — were gone.

“Keep the car,” a tearful Worley told KCPQ. “If they still have her in the car, all I want is for them to take her somewhere. I don’t care what they do with the car at this point. The only reason I’m posting the car on social media is in case she’s still in the car.”

Worley and her husband, Richard, left a blanket in the parking lot where the Jeep was recovered on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning, they went back to the same lot. There was Ivey, sitting near the blanket.

Tacoma Police are investigating the theft. Anyone with information is asked to call Tacoma PD.