Teen cancer survivor and his family give back, every year

GRANT, Ala. -- Four years ago we told you how a young boy with cancer, along with his large family, took a trip to Disney through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Now, he's cancer free and all he wants is to give back.

Things have only gotten louder outside a home in Grant in the four years since we've been there.

"We have ten kids. We have nine at home and one has grown up and moved out," said mom Jennifer Picard.

One of those is a young man named Tristan.

"The last time we talked to you, we were headed on our Make-A-Wish trip. Tristan had been diagnosed with cancer, relapsed and had been put in a Phase 1 trial. After two years of treatment, we went to Make-A-Wish to go to Disney," the mother explained.

"He's been cancer free for about four years," Picard said, "We've been off treatment for two."

Through the process, Tristan and his family were helped by a ministry called Blue Skies.

"They take families of kids who have cancer to the beach for a week. For that week, the families have to worry about nothing but having fun and reconnecting," Picard explained.

"The first time I went there I just had to do it again, and I loved it so much," Tristan said.

"So when he finished chemo the one thing he really wanted to do was to go back as a volunteer-family instead of a patient-family," Picard explained.

"When I had cancer, I know it was a great help," Tristan added, "It was amazing. So I can just imagine what it would be for the other kids."

So they've gone to help every year.

"It has become a big part of our family," Picard said, "That ministry has meant so much to us, and it's been his way of giving back."

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