Mason Court residents concerned for children’s safety after afternoon shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Huntsville Police are continuing to investigate a shooting that happened in the middle of the day out on Mason Court Thursday afternoon.

"My grandson runs around here all the time and they're running around here with guns," said Rachel Rice, who has family that lives in Sparkman Homes. "It could've been him that got shot."

A major concern with neighbors that WHNT News 19 spoke with is the number of children who live in this area; they said that three loads of children get dropped off on Mason Court and the school bus lets off right near where the shooting happened.

"It was right behind in the alleys where the kids play at too that's what's sad about it," Rice said.

One resident who wants to remain anonymous said that the kids in their community shouldn't have to worry about ducking and dodging bullets; she also said that she believes most of the crimes on Mason Court don't even involve the Sparkman Homes residents.

"It's the people that don't live here that are always causing the ruckus, and it's sad that we as residents have to suffer because of something someone else is doing."

This resident told WHNT News 19 that everyone at Sparkman Homes raises their children as a community, and they shouldn't have to lie awake at night worried about another shooting in their family's backyards.

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