Bare hands, touching hair, scratching skin, and roaches on this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Morgan County

Canton House

609 14th St SE, Decatur, AL 35601

As of 10/11/18 this restaurant has a score of 92 after their most recent inspection.

Score: 81

  • Food was held at improper temperatures.
    • Shrimp held at 50ºF
  • There were broken knives and the ice machine was dirty
  • Roaches were present.

Owners Jimmy and Ling Cai told us the ice machine was not dirty but had condensation and they've thrown away the knives.

They have been working with an exterminator and say the latest spraying in the past month is working.

They also said they were thawing the shrimp for service and that everything else in the refrigerator was at the proper temperature.

The Cais take pride in their family restaurant opened in 1995 and say they make everything fresh daily.

They also let us take a look in the kitchen. They say all violations were corrected.

Madison County

Sonic Drive-In

6040 Moores Mill Rd, Huntsville, AL 35811

Score: 81


  • An employee found fixing sandwiches with bare hands. An employee also touched hair and scratched skin and didn't wash hands before preparing food.
    • Corrected.
  • Residue was found in the ice chute.
    • Corrected.

The manager confirmed all violations were corrected.

The company gave us a statement emphasizing how seriously they take health and safety:

The SONIC franchisee who owns and operates this drive-in takes employee safety and food safety very seriously. Following an inspection on September 6, the franchisee handled and resolved the two noted critical issues immediately. SONIC works hard to ensure every guest receives a meal that has been properly handled and prepared, and we have processes in place to address any food safety concerns. We take pride in being a good community partner, and we appreciate the trust and confidence our guests place in SONIC every day to serve them delicious and safe food.

Colbert County

Clean Plate Winner:

Renaissance Olive Oil Company

711 Woodward Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

Score: 99

We're going back to basics at Renaissance Olive Oil Company on Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals where owner Nickie Campbell is selling premium olive oils and authentic balsamic vinegar from Veronica Foods, alongside local goodies.

There's nothing like a classic salad dressing, adding the spices and herbs of your choice.

But adding other ingredients, while healthy, means a shorter shelf life. "You have no preservatives in this to keep it fresh, so don't ever make more than what you'll use in a couple of days," said Campbell.

It doesn't always have to be savory, as they often show customers during cooking classes. "Gives it a little kick. Like, this is a dark chocolate balsamic vinegar," she explained while pouring it over a cup of fruit.

There are so many flavors, you might as well be in an ice cream shop. In fact, we put some blueberry balsamic on classic vanilla. "Health-wise you're adding probiotics to your dessert."

Campbell says there are lots of health benefits to olive oil and vinegar involving cholesterol and a sweet option for diabetics without the sugar.

You can taste all of their olive oils and vinegars to decide what you like best to cook with and enjoy.

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