Woman pleas for pet owners to be on the lookout for coyotes after her dog is killed

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MADISON, Ala. – A Madison family is pleading to pet owners to keep an eye out for their pets after they said a coyote killed their dog.

The family said Molly Bell the chihuahua got out of their fence and a coyote got her.

The 11-year-old dog was everything to her owner Sandra Lewis could`ve asked for in a pet and losing her has been rough. "It's like losing a child."

Lewis said a coyote got to Molly Bell after she escaped through their backyard fence. "She had to have been scared too, especially running away from home. The fact I wasn't there for her after she'd been there for me for 11 years is hard, very hard," Lewis said.

Her baby was found in the neighbor's yard. "In her upper body and underneath her arm she had punctured wounds from the teeth," Lewis said.

Lewis was at work when she found out Molly Bell was killed by a coyote.

"The neighbor took very good care of her and he was very respectful of her. He brought her home and put her in the box. When I come in from work he told me what happened. I had to see her for myself," Lewis said.

Lewis has lived in the community for two years. She said seeing a coyote or a fox running around every now and then isn't shocking.

She said more have been appearing. "Since they started building there's more, a lot more sightings. There're people that have talked about how they lost their cats and dogs also. If there is a way they can control them I wish they would," Lewis said.

Molly Bell is buried in the backyard.

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