Alabama Gov. Ivey: ‘Don’t need a debate’

Kay Ivey on a campaign stop in Huntsville

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says she has no plans to debate her Democratic challenger as she seeks a full term in office.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday after a speech in Montgomery, Ivey responded to Walt Maddox’s repeated calls for a debate before the November election.

Ivey says that “Alabamians know my record” and “know what I stand for.”

Ivey did not debate her Republican primary challengers and easily won the nomination.

Maddox is the mayor of Tuscaloosa. He has criticized Ivey’s refusal to debate, saying voters deserve to hear candidates’ ideas.

“The governor doesn’t think the people of Alabama are worthy of such a debate. She doesn’t believe it’s appropriate for her to talk to the people who pay her salary. My question is what are the governor’s people scared of,” Maddox told reporters after a speech on Tuesday.

An Ivey campaign spokeswoman called the criticisms, “a desperate attempt to distract voters from his liberal agenda.”

“Governor Ivey has chosen to focus on governing and creating a brighter future for Alabamians, and it’s paying off. With record employment and education investments, Alabama is working again,” the spokeswoman wrote in an emailed response.

Ivey is seeking office in her own right after becoming governor last year when her predecessor resigned in a cloud of scandal.

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