Superhero Fun Day & Family Expo seeks the kryptonite of cancer!

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ATHENS, Ala. -- Big Spring Memorial Park is hosting an event that's got all the *boom, zap, and kapow* needed to kick cancer's butt-- and it brings together the mightiest and the strongest in all the land-- and we're not just talking about the superheroes.

Eli's Block Party Childhood Cancer Foundation wants to take fundraising for brain cancer to the next level on Saturday, September 8 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

It all started with Eli. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at age nine, and his fight ended last year at age 12.

"The inspiration for the foundation would just be through our son's journey and wanted to give back from that," said Kristie Williams, Eli's mom and director of Eli's Block Party.

Superhero Fun Day in Athens is an awareness event with a special theme. That theme may seem all fun on the surface, but has powerful roots.

"Superheroes traditionally, the stories are they come from some kind of trial, they've been born out of some kind of issue where they've had to have courage or bravery," Williams said. "Cancer touches everybody. In some way it has. And we want to make sure that this event sort of reflects that-- and has something for everybody."

So superheroes from near and far gather for a day to represent strength for children fighting cancer.

"When children and their families have to hear those words-- that a child has cancer, I feel like they are mighty warriors, and they're forced to be strong," said Regina Montgomery, who will represent Storm at the event.

The superheroes in the costumes aren't there to play dress up, they make sure everyone knows who the *real* superheroes are.

"We think of these kids, the courage they have to face what they're facing, and their parents...they're the real superheroes, " said Erin Chambless, who will be dressed as Black Widow. "We tell them how much we actually look up to them."

It's an event for all heroes-- big and small--- to come together to fundraise for the kryptonite of cancer. The day will be full of food, activities, business booths, vendors, contests, music, and prizes with all proceeds going to Eli's Block Party Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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