Firefighters, police officers, and other ‘community helpers’ got a hand in the lessons at Arab Primary School

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ARAB, Ala. -- With the help of some 'community helpers' kids at Arab Primary School got a lesson outside the classroom Friday morning.

Kids walked around equipment that boasted wheels bigger than they were. They stopped at each one and talked with the person whose job it is to operate it. The Arab Police Department had three patrol units with the lights on, the Arab Fire Department had trucks, the Arab Electric Cooperative had its equipment. There was an ambulance, Marshall County 911, and the Arab Street Department had some of its gear.

It was Community Helpers Day at Arab Primary School. "It's good for us to come out and be with the kids and let them know what we do because we don't want the kids to be scared of us if they have to call 911 or we come out on a call," explained Arab Fire Department Captain Blake Isom.

"They all get down on the children's level," explained Arab Police Chief Ed Ralston, "They hand out different items to them, they answer all sorts of unusual questions, so it's great as far as a bonding experience with the children. It gives all the kids here at the Primary a chance to see what different careers are available in the community."

In addition to the learning aspect, it showed the kids the men and women in uniform are there to help. "They get to know us," Isom said, "They get to see the trucks and our equipment."

"It lets them know a little about what we do and it's just great for everybody," Ralston said.

It's a chance to learn from the people on the front lines.

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