Gordon in the Gulf, summertime heat stays

Gordon in the Gulf, summertime heat stays

Seven of the last nine days have seen high temperatures at or above 95ºF. Even a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico will have a hard time reducing the heat and bringing up the chance of rain around here this week! The ultimate path of Tropical Storm Gordon likely means some passing clouds and an enhanced breeze in North Alabama while the majority of the rain stays south of the Tennessee Valley region.

Gordon likely makes landfall along the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast as a hurricane Tuesday evening.  The National Hurricane Center issued a Hurricane Warning for the Alabama & Mississippi Gulf Coasts on Monday afternoon:

Hurricane Warning: image created 9-3-18 at 4:48 PM

Since it’s a relatively small storm, the clouds and rain won’t likely make much of a move to the northwest (toward us) because of a strong ‘ridge’ over the East Coast. That ridge keeps it hot and mostly dry around here through this week and the coming weekend.

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Gordon’s impacts here and at the coast:  Gordon will not be a memorable storm from a strength standpoint, but it will bring a lot of wind, rain and rip currents along the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast through Wednesday.  The worst of the weather begins Tuesday afternoon with wind and rain increasing along with heavy surf.  Here’s the Monday night update from NWS Mobile.

In North Alabama, unless there is a dramatic, and I mean dramatic shift eastward, we see very little direct ‘impact’ in the form of rain, wind or severe weather.

Gordon may spread enough clouds overhead to lower the temperature a few degrees through midweek, and it does pull in enough moisture to see a better chance of some spotty showers and storms on Wednesday and Thursday in particular.

Baking in September: September 3, 1925 was the beginning of the most intense heat wave in Alabama history. Huntsville topped out over 100ºF for seven-straight days; the average high was 106.9ºF. Centreville, Alabama set the state’s all-time maximum temperature record on September 5, 1925: 112ºF.

The heat we have in the forecast is nothing to sneeze at, but this is not even close to the record-setting week of the same period in 1925. Expect highs in the lower and middle 90s, a heat index around 100ºF, and few (if any) brief, isolated showers and thunderstorms through the weekend.

The odds of a storm at any single spot in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee this week peaks on Wednesday at 40%, and then it drops back to around 10-20% through the first part of next week.

Need some specifics about the weekend or next week? They’re always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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