Decatur Police Department documents officer’s shift using Facebook Live

DECATUR, Ala - What is it like to be a police officer?

The Decatur Police Department is hoping to answer that question by documenting an officer's 12 hour night shift through several different social media platforms.

The department has been strategically using social media to reach out to the community since last fall, but this night they are doing something special.

"We've done recorded video, we've done pictures, we've done kind of text to talk, but we've never done full Facebook live. So this is a really exciting preview for us today," Public Information Liason Emme Long said.

Emme Long is riding with an officer on his patrol.

She is using Facebook as well as other social media platforms to document the night.

The Decatur Police Department is doing this to break down barriers and to show people, whether they're on their phone or even on their computer at home, what it's like to be a police officer.

"If you ask what a police officer does to just an average Joe, usually it's write tickets, enforce speed limits, go to calls, we really rarely ever consider we're helping people we're checking on elderly residents," Long said.

The two have hit the streets. They are making traffic stops and dropping by the new stadium.

They want the night to be interactive. Long is paying attention to comments on Facebook, so if there is something you want to know about the department, they would love for you to ask.

The Facebook live event will wrap up tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. So if you have a question, there is still plenty of time to leave a comment on the Decatur Police Department Facebook page.


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