Veterans memorial park in Jackson County is coming together

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -- The first veterans memorial park in Jackson County is taking shape, one piece at a time.

Wednesday morning, slowly but surely, a crane lowered two large monuments from a truck at the site of Jackson County's veterans memorial park in Scottsboro.  "There's no other veterans memorial park in all of Jackson County," explained steering committee chairman George Jones. That adds to why this project is so important to him and the other people working on it.

A plot of land in Scottsboro is its home. It's a project four years in the making.

"We're setting the park signs," explained construction coordinator Jim Olyniec, "It's part of the overall construction. We're making progress. All of the concrete has been poured for the monument circle and about 80 percent of the walkways."

It's progressing as things come together little by little. In the end, visitors to the park will see landscaping, lighting, flags, memorial pavers and monuments. "They'll have the names of those killed in service from Jackson County, who we built this park in honor of," Olyniec said.

"We wanted to honor and give our residents somewhere where they can go and reflect on the history and the sacrifices that were made by the veterans that served from Jackson County," Jones said.

They're hoping by this time next year the park will be finished. It's come to fruition by donations. You can buy brick pavers to help fund it, and you can find that form on a Facebook page dedicated to the park. There's also a fundraising account set up. You can also call (256)999-0120 to learn how to help.

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