Florence PD launches “Road to Zero” campaign

FLORENCE, Ala. – The Florence Police Department has launched a program to cut down on the leading cause of crashes among drivers. “Road to Zero” is the campaign to stop distracted driving on their byways.

As drivers traverse the streets of Florence every day – they’re in danger. Hundreds of vehicle wrecks happen each year in the city, many due to those behind the wheel not paying attention.

Officer Jeremy Keeton

“Throughout the years it has become worse,” stated Motor Unit Officer Jeremy Keeton. “We live in a society where its technology-based and we like to be in the know of everything.”

Officer Keeton sees it all. While patrolling school zones, he sees drivers pass through speeding while checking their phones, switching radio stations, or just talking with other occupants. The very definition of distracted driving.

“Texting, or just looking at their phone maybe not even paying attention, obviously not paying attention to school zone signs, we do see a lot of that and it’s affecting their driving behavior.”

Which is where “Road to Zero” comes in. Officers are educating residents on the dangers of distracted driving crashes of any form. The goal is to not have any distracted driving accidents in the city.

“They just need to be more aware of their surroundings and kind of let that stuff wait until they get to a safer location,” explained Keeton.

And safer for everyone on the streets. According to the latest statistics released by the department of motor vehicles, nine people a day die in the United States from distracted driving, and it’s the leading cause of wrecks among teen drivers.

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