Add foliage to your garden with Powis Castle Artemisia, commonly known as Wormwood

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When choosing and planting perennials for your garden you may be interested in the characteristics of the plants flowers- but many perennials are their showiest, not with flowers, but with their foliage.

Powis Castle Artemisia, sometimes called Wormwood, is a great example of a plant with great foliage.

For North Alabama, this Artemisia is heat tolerant and winter hardy. Powis Castle grows rapidly reaching two to three feet tall and three or more feet wide. The foliage is fragrant and extremely soft to the touch.

Powis Castle does maintain its silver foliage into the winter although it may look a little shabby in the coldest and wettest months. You may even want to give it a light trim in the spring as new growth emerges.

Consider Powis Castle Artemisia when you're looking for an attractive foliage, not flowers, to give contrast and texture to your garden.

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