Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin pleads the Fifth in two civil suits

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. - WHNT  has been following Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin and the legal problems surrounding her and there have been some delays in the two civil cases against Sheriff Franklin.

In April, a judge found that Sheriff Franklin and two investigators broke the law during an investigation involving former jail warden Leon Bradley and local blogger Glenda Lockhart.

The case that spurred the ruling involved a misdemeanor charge of tampering with government documents against Bradley. The judge threw out the charges against Bradley and the court found that Franklin and her key deputies misled and tried to cover up related sheriff's office crimes. Now she's not talking in two related civil suits.

Sheriff Franklin pleaded the 5th Amendment and has delayed her testimony in the two lawsuits.

The lawsuit filed by Glenda Lockhart claims Franklin and others conducted an illegal search and hacked computers in retaliation for the blogger's post about the sheriff; the other involves Franklin's financial ties to a used-car business.

Sheriff Franklin's lawyer was unavailable to comment, but it is unknown when Franklin plans to testify. Franklin is not seeking reelection but she does remain sheriff until January.

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