New traffic lights working to improve traffic flow and safety

MADISON, Ala. - If you've driven down Hughes Road in Madison recently, then you've probably seen a few new traffic lights starting to go up.

"Finally getting them in place will not only make a difference for safety but again help our economic development in some areas," said Madison Mayor Paul Finley.

Three of the new traffic signals are going up on Hughes Road and one on County Line Road. Mayor Paul Finley says all of these locations correlate with some of the highest accident intersections and improving safety was the city's main reason for adding these signals.

"One supports getting traffic in and out of Bradford Farms, which is a high school zone with a lot of buses," Finley said. "The other one is Gooch which is a high traffic area, but really no ability to turn left on Hughes. If you're trying to take some of the traffic off of Highway 72 you need that signal."

The Gooch and Bradford Farms intersections are less than a quarter of a mile apart, but Mayor Finley says they have to find the best of both worlds between safety and steady traffic.

"We recognize that they're very close," Finley said. "We'll make sure with our traffic division that we sync those up to continue to move traffic as much as we can."

Mayor Finley told WHNT that he has confidence that these new signals will help improve traffic flow and reduce accident rates.

The City of Madison also plans to widen parts of Hughes Road, starting at the Plaza Boulevard intersection and going up to near Millsford Drive. Mayor Finley said he thinks this will help tremendously with traffic, especially near Bob Jones High School.

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