Madison County Sheriff’s Office catch suspects involved in vehicle break-ins

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – On Wednesday,  WHNT News 19 told you about multiple vehicles that were broken into in just one neighborhood off of Moores Mill Road over the weekend.   At least four people were caught on security camera committing the crime.

Wednesday night,  The Madison County Sheriff's Office tweeted out a copy of our story asking if anyone recognized the people in the footage.

Soon after the sheriff's office tweeted they've been identified.

The Madison County Sheriff`s Office believes all four suspects in the video are under the age of 18. Lt. Donny Shaw said law enforcement picked up three out of the four in the video.

He said they are potentially responsible for dozens of vehicle break-ins in the county. The Graceland Estates community has been on high alert after thieves went around breaking into their vehicles.

On Monday night an investigator spotted the stolen vehicle seen in the video. "The vehicle stopped and three juveniles bailed out of the vehicle and ran. Huntsville came to render assistance in looking for these individuals," Lt. Donny Shaw explained.

Lt. Shaw said eventually all three were caught and the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody. He said the driver was charged with receiving stolen property.

He said the other two may also be charged. "If they can develop the probable cause that they need they will go and seek pick-up orders from the juvenile system. If there are any adults involved, they will seek a warrant," Lt. Shaw explained.

Investigators believe they are the thieves in the video. He said the fourth suspect seen in the video hasn't been caught. "Investigator Payne has a good idea of everyone seen in that video," Lt. Shaw said.

Investigators believe the juveniles hit more than just Graceland Estates.

Lt. Shaw said people should have a routine at night. Some departments call it the 9 o'clock routine. You should go out and make sure all your valuables are out of the vehicle and make sure your vehicle doors are locked.

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