Decatur police officer charged with assaulting a minor

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. - A police officer in the River City is restricted to administrative duties as he prepares for his own day in court.

Archie Hoyt Letson, 40, faces a third degree assault charge in Lawrence County after a complaint was filed against him. The complaint alleges he assaulted a minor in April.

According to the complaint, Letson caused injury quote 'by slapping the victim twice on the face, the second time causing pain and the eyes to water...grabbing [the] victim by the hair and slinging [the] victim to the ground causing [the] victim's forehead to hit the ground, nose to bleed.'

It goes on to say Letson was 'gouging victim in the eyes and stating "You'd better not ever slap me again you little expletive."'

Letson posted $1,500 bond on May 15. He pleaded not guilty. He has a bench trial scheduled for September 13th.

Six years ago he was arrested for domestic violence, but the victim declined to press charges and the case was dismissed.

Officials with DPD confirm Letson was hired as a Decatur police officer in 2001, and was promoted to lieutenant a month before the alleged incident.

Decatur Police Chief Nate Allen confirms Lieutenant Letson was assigned to administrative duties since the incident occurred, pending the outcome of the investigation.

If convicted, he could face a $6,000 fine and face up to a year in prison.

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