Clements High School new bleachers coming just in time for kickoff

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ATHENS, Ala. - The return of Friday night football gets just about everyone excited in North Alabama, but the team at Clements High School is mainly excited about the fact that they get to play their home games at home this season.

Just two months ago, strong winds caused some serious damage to the visitor's side bleachers at M.T. Newman Stadium.

"When I walked out and saw the bleachers laying out on the football field, or at least half of the bleachers twisted up laying on the football field, I thought, 'wow,'" said Keith Hairrell, principal at Clements High.

When school officials first saw the damage to the visitor's bleachers at Clements High School, they were unsure if the school would be able to get any replacement bleachers in time for football season, but it looks like they'll be ready just in time for kickoff. Originally, the school's best hope was borrowing existing bleachers or worst case scenario, all of their games would be away from their home field, but the Colts got some good news.

"I told them that the bleachers were going to be up and ready to go for their home senior game. They got very excited," said Michael Parker, Clements' head football coach.

Even though the new bleachers are going up on the opponent's side of the field, head coach Michael Parker told WHNT how important it is to be able to welcome your guests to your school.

"I started preaching integrity, integrity in everything that we do, so having bleachers set up for the visiting team and taking care of the visitors is integrity in itself. So I'm very thankful for that and thankful that we're able to accommodate the visitors and show them integrity here at Clements," Parker said.

The Colts' first home game of the season and the debut of the new visitor's bleachers is set for September 14 against Phil Campbell.

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