After career change, Colbert Heights instructor selected as teacher of the year

COLBERT HEIGHTS, Ala. – It’s a setup you would likely see at a college of nursing, but this clinical classroom is at Colbert Heights High School.

Registered Nurse Beth Brumley made a career change five years ago, moving from healthcare to the classroom.

“I found this job at the school I graduated from, and I thought it would be awesome to get to go back to my school and pour into my community,” explained Brumley.

In those five years, she has developed the Health Sciences program for Colbert County schools. It’s designed to get students to the point they can become certified nursing assistants before graduating.

“When they just get something; when a light bulb goes off and they are like I understand that Ms. Brumley, or yes this is what I want to do, I want to go into the healthcare field. It’s huge,” said Brumley.

And what is also HUGE – Brumley has been named the Career Tech New Teacher of the Year for the state. The former home health nurse says she is humbled by the award, but it’s the daily interaction with her kids which has made this career change so rewarding.

“Some of the first guys to go through the program, and watching them being caring for a geriatric lady and understanding their needs and their modesty, it was neat watching that,” Brumley stated.

In the spring, Beth Brumley will represent the state of Alabama at the national New Career Tech Teacher of the Year awards ceremony.