Huntsville City Schools parent has issues with SafeStop Bus Tracker App

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The new SafeStop bus tracker app is supposed to allow parents to track their child's bus, but the app has had some trouble lately.

Sonya Waddle hopes the company fixes it fast because she relies on it every day.

"It helps us through the morning routine to make sure we are on time," Waddle explained.

Her children go to different schools. Her daughter goes to a Magnet school which requires a different bus stop. This an important reason on why the mother needs the be aware of the bus's location.

On the first two weeks of school, Waddle could see her son`s bus on the app but not her daughters.

"I'm having to take her to William Junior high to get on bus 40, but on my profile bus 24 is showing up for her," Waddle said.

Waddle has reached out to Apple Bus about the issue.

"I`ve asked [them] about adding another bus number to my profile. I haven`t got a response on that either," the concerned mother said.

On Monday, Waddle said the app just simply didn't work.

"When I went to log on, the tracker was blank for me, so there`s no bus showing up at all. I called them this morning and the lady said she didn`t know why I couldn`t see any information," Waddle said.

The mother of two said Apple Bus has yet to get back to her. She understands within the first few weeks of school there will be issues, but she needs the tracker to work properly.

If there are problems, you can reach Apple Bus at (256) 361-0919.

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