A cold front arrives Tuesday, but just how ‘cool’ will it get?

Some spotty showers and storms build around North Alabama and Southern Tennessee Monday afternoon and evening, but a better-organized batch of rain and some spotty storms moves in late tonight. Tonight’s rain does not look like 100% coverage, so some of us get a downpour and others still remain dry.

A highly-anticipated cold front moves into Northwest Alabama by sunrise Tuesday. Some more hit-or-miss showers come with it, but yet again, widespread rain is not coming. Ahead of the front, it’s warm and humid: highs in the middle to upper 80s. Behind the front, the humidity drops, but it does not get ‘cool’ just yet!

Hit-or-miss showers through Tuesday midday: A decent August cold front moves into North Alabama early Tuesday and takes all day to pass through the region. That slow-motion movement means we’ll still be warm and humid enough for some spotty showers or thunderstorms through late morning in The Shoals, around 1-2 PM in the Huntsville-Decatur-Athens area, and as late as 4-5 PM along Sand Mountain. ‘Spotty’ is the key word; most of us won’t see a single drop of rain Tuesday after sunrise.

Excited about the front? If you’re thinking it’s going to get nice and cool and October-like behind this front, put away your dreams of pumpkin spice and sweaters for a while because it’s just not happening. The average daily high temperature for Wednesday and Thursday is right around 91ºF; average lows are around 69ºF.

Expect slightly below average temps: highs in the mid-80s, lows in the low-60s for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

October it isn’t, but this kind of weather will give your air conditioner a break for a few nights and make it feel nicer to be out in the afternoons.

Rapid ramp-up again this weekend: The theme of the forecast is this: ‘yes, it gets a little cooler, but no, it’s not major cool air nor will it last long!’

The weekend begins a rapid ramp-up back to torrid summertime heat. Neither day looks especially wet, but we do maintain a low-end 10% chance of an isolated shower developing in the heat of the day.

Any showers/storms that manage to develop in the heat of the afternoon will be short-lived: less than 60 minutes’ worth of rainfall either day IF you get any at all.

Look for more sun than clouds, and a return to the steamy, hot summer feel: highs in the low-90s, heat index around 95ºF to 100ºF.

Late August heat wave: If you’re tired of thinking about summer heat, stop reading.

Now that it’s just those of us who want a look at the longer-range and don’t mind the words ‘hot’ and ‘humid,’ the middle to upper 90s are likely on the horizon for us again next week. A strong ridge (high) builds over the region, and with relatively dry ground, that means we will be getting very hot again. The hottest day this summer was August 7th: 97ºF in Huntsville.

We may very well come close to that again by the middle of next week with very little hope for widespread rain.