Pints and Pixels almost ready to reopen after fire, UG White may take a while longer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Two businesses in downtown Huntsville have been closed for two weeks after a small fire in the building.

And one of them doesn't expect to reopen for months.

On a hot afternoon on the third floor, there's no play happening at Pints and Pixels, just the rumble and scraping on a dusty floor.

"In a perfect world, we were hoping we'd only be down like four days," Pints and Pixels co-owner Sherry Wallace said.

Four days has turned into almost two weeks. A small kitchen fire shut down both the arcade and their downstairs neighbor UG White Mercantile.

"The games are OK," Wallace said, reassuring many video game fans.

The arcade favorites remain wrapped up in plastic. The building's sprinkler system ran for hours after the fire. And the insurance company said the old wood floors have to go.

"Because the water got under them, and even though ServPro was awesome and dried them, still there's an issue in five years there could be mold and we just don't want to set up for that," Wallace said.

Wallace says a new floor should only take a few more days, but the news isn't so great for the Mercantile. Owner Derrick Young says they have to replace the reclaimed wood floor and ceiling. And that could take three months. Workers in both places have been showing up over the last two weeks to pitch in with the cleanup.

"Because they want to get open too because they love working," Wallace said.

Wallace says she's thankful for the comments and kind words from video game lovers. And she promises, this little setback is certainly not game over.

Pints and Pixels owners say they hope to have the new floor put in by Monday. And they're hoping to open back up next Friday.

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