Straight To Ale brewery recognized nationally as a ‘Bike-Friendly Business’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Straight To Ale brewery at Campus 805 is no stranger to racking up rewards. But usually, those prizes are in the nature of beer, brewing, and the like. This time the brewery is being recognized for setting a different kind of standard. One that constitutes a culture and environment for bicycling!

The League of American Bicyclists is a national organization that recognizes businesses for how they're improving infrastructure and the general outlook of bicycling in cities as a safe transportation option.

"I realized that when I got where I was going, I was always a little happier than if I'd taken my car," said Bruce Weddendorf, founder of Straight To Ale.

Straight To Ale has been an advocate for bicycling since its founding.

"I started riding more, and then I started encouraging my friends to ride, and my coworkers to ride with me as well, and it's really just kind of built from there," Weddendorf said.

This doesn't mean anything about the brewery will necessarily be changing, just now, it's being recognized for its contribution to making Huntsville a more bike-friendly city.

This recognition means the brewery has taken steps to inspire action, and get the community involved in improving conditions for bicyclists.

But this recognition does not come easily. The application process is lengthy, and the league has high standards. There are only four businesses in the state with this status, and two of those are bike shops.

And the brewery's efforts are working. City government is actively making changes to improve bicycling infrastructure.

"As Huntsville becomes more urban, we're gonna see more alternative transportation," Weddendorf said. "It's a fun thing to do, it's a fun way to get around, and we're all about making Huntsville a more fun place to live. That's what we're all about."

So the next time you seek out a beer, hop on a bike and support the cause.

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