Chip English looks to create a winning culture at Grissom

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Grissom Football has seen its highs and its lows over the years, and from 2013-2016, there were a lot of lows. The Tigers went 1-39 in that span with three 0-10 seasons. Then in 2017,  the Chip English era began, and he led Grissom to a 3-7 season, helping the team win its first game since 2014. English brought a winning attitude with him, and his guys have bought in.

"You build off that and little steps at a time and big weight room improvements, on-field improvements, understanding the game," said English. "All that stuff built last year and hopefully we can put it together and it can equal wins this year. "

For a senior class that had only won one game prior to English arriving on campus, it was new light at the end of the tunnel.

"He brought that winning mentality with him from North Carolina," said senior defensive back Jerwuan Thomas. "You know coach Reeves helps us out a lot, pushes us every day in the weight room and I think Coach English does that too with us."

"Well he brought a lot to this team especially in the weight room," said senior offensive lineman Jeffrey Campbell. "He only had a half a summer with us when he first came, so we really got in there and got strong and that's what really helped us out and we need to just keep on doing it."

English and the Tigers begin the regular season on August 24th against Hazel Green, looking to start off on the right foot yet again.

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